From left to right: Member, member, member, member


With Greg Adams supplying vocals and rhythm guitar, Derrick Dieso on lead guitar, Austin Paragas fielding bass and backing vocals, and the recent addition of Henri Tyler behind the drums, these four West Philly musicians come together to create TIOGA, their unique brand of alternative indie rock, comically labeled as “indie alternative with funky trimmings.” Drawing influence from artists such as The 1975, The Killers, Two Door Cinema Club, among others, TIOGA has been likened to “early 2000’s new wave revival acts,” while also carving out their own niche in the various subgenres of alt rock.

The name "Tioga," used to describe a place between two points, a middle ground, or a gateway, originates from Native American tribes who lived in what is now the Philadelphia area.

In the case of TIOGA (the band), the name seemed to fit their vision: Philadelphia, PA serves as the middle point for what each of the members has brought to the table. Coming from different towns, musical backgrounds, and lifestyles, these four musicians have found their common ground in TIOGA.